Hi I am Alfred Prufrock

Hi I am Alfred Prufrock and I am looking for singles in my area! I like spaghetti dinners, mermaids, and walking on the beach. I have really thin limbs and I am balding. I have an assortment of crisp ties so if you want to you can have one, I have too many.
I am genuinely afraid of women so please no making loud noises or sudden movements when I meet you. I like purfume and dresses. I am scared of growing old so please don't be old. I like to walk on foggy streets after my work day.
I am inexperienced with the ladies so if you want pasta with mushrooms, tomato, and ham chunks, and I give you pasta with mushrooms, tomato, and turkey chunks, please don't be mad. If I match you please call soon!


Hank & art in motion

Madeline's little sister, Hank, with her art... in motion.


Soku, the Eskimo, in fish coat

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Soku, the Eskimo, in panda coat

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A little fairy waits

A little fairy waits quiet as can be
As her little sister fairy plays in the tree
Bustling lights seashells here and there
As the fairy waits gentle with care
Light and joy as the snowflake sings
The damp delicate earth
The amazing little things in

A yellow star cries out into the night
The night is good the time is right
To spread the truth over
And take flight
We are ready to see the joy oh be
It is what it

The tree does rustle
The eggs to shake
A mind clear
As a translucent lake
The bird will peer over the nest
To the fairy girl quiet and jest
As since the beginning of

The flowers calm and red
The sleep fairies go off

A light twinkles in the distance way
As the slipping of the day
Slowly comes to the end
The smallest looks back to see
The place she loved to


burger and fries... the song

This is all I want I am sure I am sure
The food you have today will be premade
Don't ask me what I want again old lady cashier
You are holding the line up not one more minute!

This is what I want to order today now
The food you have today will be premade
Everyone will be dismayed if you take all day
But you will work again and never say next

Chorus x 2
Burger and fried
Are all I want
Come on lady!
Wasting my time!

My patience is going away now hurry up
Old and wrinkly and clueless is your face
I'll be waiting my whole life but you waste time away
You are holding the line up not one more minute!

Chorus x 2
Burger and fried
Are all I want
Come on lady!
Wasting my time!


Valentine's Poetry 2010

Madeline held two crucial roles in the 2010 debut performance of the Blind Tiger Dames presents Du Val De Vire. She was the puppetier's monkey and she was the evening's poet. She penned all of the Valentine's and worked late into the evening with her mother printing, cutting, folding and sealing all 332 cards.
In the end, there were eight different poems offered that evening... enjoy!

No. 1
Their love sways in the dark evening breeze
upon their clothesline, waiting
just waiting

No. 2
I do not love thus who save me,
but those who deliver me to a dream in which
I can share in the glory

No. 3
set free
two love birds
forth unto
the sun sets
of the everlasting evening

No. 4
We sway like birds
that have taken themselves
to a field to watch the sunset
in a delicate way

No. 5
Take me under thy wing and
show me the love for I am lonely,
but I soon love again.

No. 6
As the setting sun awaits the vast
evenings arrival the roses sigh happy
forgetting the sadness
for the happiness regained.

No. 7
Love can linger like chocolate
on ones tongue, can linger like
two doves in a peach tree, forgetting
our worries, but reading our own fantasy.

No. 8
The ballet dancer twirls in
remembrance of the days she
spent sadly, for now she has found
love once again.


little blue bird fly

little blue bird fly, take
your razor sharp wings and
touch the sky
little blue bird eat, use you
fragile , delicate little beak
little blue bird sing, you
really are an amazing thing
little blue bird love, on the
inside you are really a dove


Dear Living human,

In this troubling world there is a sanctuary with an open gratitude to keep people bodacious about our wonderful planet. For no matter what life is about we all live for it. People cause commotion and conflicts. It not only hurts our people but our souls. Refuse to bad attitudes and unfair choices. Go to be able to change the world and keep the enthusiastic sky and tell me what your eyes see.

:: can you locate the secret message? It starts with the letter "L".

tips to finding the secret message

Food for thought :: Sometimes Madeline provides a secret key within her poetry. If you put together the darkened letters together they will spell a special message. Enjoy!

the naming of a hula hoop :: STARS-SPARKLE HOOP

Sparkles as if the tremendous glory has shone upon it. Glitters as if the mirror reflects the sun in the pond’s morning waters. A very spontaneous creation indeed was set upon human nature; never a sparkle as elegant. To give out a gift as intelligent as the creator, but instead of being showered in riches. She chose to be content. Quick and it was just her tapes and her. Let alone her decision was as terrific as her creation she is loved. It is irreversible with it’s brilliant yellows and wonderful pinks. Let us rejoice in memory of this gift upon us.



Her beauty leads to burning hot. As if evil and sorrow has you in
it's grip. There is no other choice but to obey thy anger to want.
With envy controlling your mind as good slips away. Trying not to let
evil ever overcome your bright spirit and glowing soul. To love is
not to hate what you have.

Dearest Relatively Related Being,

Dearest Relatively Related Being,
You are the love of the human heart that contains all prosperity. Take me under thy wing of accomplishment and serve my soul. Fill me with a healing aid in my love for others. Keep me in fantasy with better conditions than reality. Guide me and all thy life in cruel reality. Lead this horrifying world to an end. To create a peaceable kingdom. And thy shall live without evil forever.

:: can you locate the secret message?

Introduction from her mother

Hello, I have a 9-year old daughter named Madeline. She is sometimes known as Maddie, Mad, Mad-Pie, Margaret, Margarita Jones, and her own moniker of choice :: Officer Anti-Panties.

It seems like Madeline has written out stories (and comic books) ever since she picked up a pencil. And I feel that it is obvious when you meet her that she is in love with stories and creating. One day her older sister was working on a poetry project for school. Madeline was so inspired that she went off to create her own work. She provided us with a poem that was so interesting (see above) that her older sister challenged her to write yet another, but on the topic that was for her own school project, "jealousy". Madeline returned a few moments later with the requested poem in hand (see above)

The second poem, like the first, hit me like a ton of bricks. In my own humble opinion it was clear that Madeline had a talent of sorts. As the days have passed I have also noticed that Madeline has this amazing ability to express herself on paper when sometimes her actions and words fall short. Let's just say "the child is easily frustrated with the humans around her" is an understatement. I cannot tell you how many times she has started her rant with "You people"... but I digress.

Anyway, so lately I have requested for Madeline to write me a poem when I notice that she is starting to become irritated in order to fend off the frustration at bay. Or sometimes I ask her to write one just for the fun of it to see what she might produce.

I decided to start a blog on her behalf so that we can keep an online journal of her writings organized and at the same time offer them for others to read. I personally hope that this is the start to a wonderfully creative life that is overflowing with future published works as her mind is so worth sharing.

The title of each blog is the subject that she has been asked to write about... or that she has chosen to write about. We hope you love it as much as we do. And the photos in the blog are at most times, courtesy of her older sister Fiona.